Nicole @ Nobu

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  3. hmmm, i think she looks a bit better in these pics!
  4. Happy 60th Birthday Nicole!!! :P
  5. Cute hat! I love Nobu. Yum!
  6. cod with miso...
  7. .....sounds delightful! We recently had the Yellowtail with Jalapeno, rock shrimp tempura with the MOST DELICIOUS cream sauce and the asparagus tempura. Soooooooo goooooood! Especially the rock shrimp tempura. I shared with my hubby but could have EASILY eaten the entire meal all by myself!:yes:

    People can say what they want about Nicole but it looks like when she does eat - she eats very well! Good for her! LOL!
  8. her outfits cute. she looks like she has the body of a little boy though. NO BOOBS AT ALL!
  9. I think she looks ragged and worn out:sad:
  10. We were there last Sunday night. It's my favourite restaurant in the world!!! We always get the black cod with miso and the rock shrimp tempura...they're sooooooooo yummy! Their desserts are amazing too!! OMG I'm drooling!! :P

    P.S. Spotted Diddy there on Sunday night too! :graucho:
  11. She doesn't look bad, but she has looked better for sure
  12. Love her style & god would I kill for legs like that!
  13. I agree, I think she needs to go home and take a big nap.
  14. I like her outfit (though I prefer shorts a little longer). I really like her necklace/lariat thing. Very cute.
  15. Her chest looks much better, by the way where is Nobu (I live in the south)