Nicole Murphy putting young girls to shame in Cali

  1. :sweatdrop: :cry: :lol:




    Source: Theybf
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  2. I hate her :cry::crybaby:
  3. Great I come in this thread as soon as I finished eating McDonalds! Her body is killer.
  4. thanks..... thanks. a. lot !
  5. and she's flaunting it too. that's not even a sports bra

  6. Me too..
    I think I'm going to go throw up..
    I mentioned this in another post, I've seen her in person and she's
    tall and gorgeous..
    it's not fair that someone can look like that after having so many kids..
    I have no kids and could never look like that..
    I think she's doing the Santa Monica stairs..I can't walk up 10 without
    taking a break..

    I would be too!:biggrin:
  7. I love her!!! You go girl!!!!!

    This is what i am talking about!!! Show no mercy in the gym!!!!
  8. she has a good body but her face kinda scares me
  9. :popcorn: ummm:amazed::wondering
    Guess, I will put down my bagel!
  10. As usual!
  11. She is kinda skrong in the face but not too bad.

    I've seen some people that make mt rushmore look olay fresh.
  12. oh, so thats what she is doing.

    in light of the circumstances, you are so wrong for that avi :roflmfao:
  13. I'm eating Oreos. I bet it's been a loooong time since Nicole's had an Oreo.
  14. Thats a cute workout bra.. who is she? Awesome bod though :biguns: