Nicole Kidman vs. Lauren Bacall redux. Legends age gracefully.

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    Does Nicole Kidman have Peter Pan syndrome or what? She’s dressed like an 80s Barbie doll and she’s going to a UN dinner for God’s sake, not the premiere of children’s movie in which she stars as a benevolent fairy.

    Her face is also, as usual, unnaturally smooth looking. I can see the appeal in eradicating wrinkles, but you don’t have to infantilize yourself in a warped attempt to look younger. She was out with her parents, though, so maybe she was feeling particularly childish.

    I found these new pictures of Lauren Bacall today and that reminded me of the time she lashed out at a British interviewer for calling Kidman a legend when they were doing press for their movie “Birth” in late 2004. Bacall said:
    ”She’s a beginner. What is this ‘legend’? She can’t be a legend at whatever age she is. She can’t be a legend, you have to be older.” [Quote found at Entertainment Weekly]

    Bacall has definitely had a facelift, but she didn’t go overboard and she’s not getting enough maintenance for it to be noticeable. She’s 83 and she looks incredible. My mom had a facelift and she’s settled into it and looks great, not cat-like or freakish. I’m sure I’ll go that route in 20 years too. I also like the way Bacall looks annoyed in some of these photos, like she’s warning people not to mess with her while she’s doing her PR bit. Bacall is currently film Wild Blue Yonder, a film about an old dude who goes to great lengths to make sure his friend is buried at sea, in which she stars with Brian Cox, the evil Senator mastermind from the Bourne series. I hope I live to be at least 90, and I know I’ll be one of those ornery old ladies who is a tough cookie but can be nice when its called for, kind of like Bacall must be.

    How long do you think it will be before 40 year-old Kidman starts showing the effects of too much work? She’s teetering on the brink now, and given the way she dresses you know she’s not about to age gracefully.

    Thanks to WENN for the pictures of Kidman at the UN Development Fund For Women’s Unifem White Tie Dinner in Sydney Australia last night, and PRPhotos for the pictures of Bacall at a photoshoot in Boca Raton, also on on 8/1.

    Update: Just Jared points out that the event Kidman was at was in support of the White Ribbon Foundation, which “seeks to eliminate violence against women by promoting cultural change.” That still doesn’t excuse her dress.
  2. Nicole Kidman looks absolutely radiant and glowing!:tup: Her dress looks great on her and who cares what kind of maintenance she has done so long that it's working for her!:yes:
  3. i actually think nic looks wonderful and fairly natural in that pic - i've seen her look a LOT more plastic and botoxed. i agree that she's not a legend, though, and probably won't be, imo. she's a good actress, but i don't think she has enough personality to be a legend.

    and i can't believe lauren bacall is 83. good for her. she can be as pissy and grumpy as she wants if she's that old!
  4. Nicole Kidman is gorgeous and I'm pretty sure she will always be that way unless she heads off to the plastic surgeon and goes a little crazy.
  5. they both look great!!
  6. Eh, I think Nicole is a good, solid actress and she's very elegant in her fashion sense, but I'm getting tired of her plastic-looking face. Her overly Botoxed face is going to prevent her from being able to emote effectively in films. If you've seen her as a young 'un in films like Days of Thunder, you can see what her face *really* looks like when it's able to move and express naturally.
  7. I think Nicole is a classy actress and she loves her kids and her husband. I think she looks wonderful. If I had the money, botox here I would come...It is sad that people would put her down for being beautiful...
  8. I think she looks great! It's not like she's rocking the Joan Rivers look or anything.
  9. Nicole looks great!I love her!
  10. Kidman used to be the best dressed woman in Hollywood but I think the anorexia and botox have eaten her brain.
  11. I think her hair is too light. It's blending in with her face. I like her better with a little darker color.
  12. She look really pretty there! Yeah sometimes her face look too platic though!
  13. Nicole's face is tight at times - almost certainly from some work done. Oh that Lauren Bacall.. that is a lot of random ranting, almost on a Candy Spelling level !
  14. She looks great! But it is evident she uses botox because aside from her actual age, sometimes her forehead doesn't move at all and is expressionless, a sign that she may be using! As for the "legendery" part Bacall does have a point but Nicole Kidman is as A list as they get and is a talented and well accomplished actress and if she keeps it up she will be well on her way to legendary status in the future I'm sure!
  15. I think her skin is too tight and she looks too overdone. (Kidman)

    But her husband's a fox!