Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

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    Nicole Kidman Jealous Of Katie Holmes
    That hot Aussie chick, better known as Nicole Kidman, is reportedly devastated that psycho alien-worshipping ex-husband Tom Cruise is having a baby with his brain-washed, enjoy the fame while it lasts wife-to-be, Katie Holmes. (did any of that make sense??) What does this mean? It means Nicole probably still has feelings for Tom. But I hope those feelings are for the sake of the two children she and Tom adopted while they were married (Connor and Isabella), and not because she's still in love with Tom. Because that would be Tom. "Nicole can't believe it's happening. It was so sudden she shut down. Obviously she must still have feelings for Tom, she's been crying and has been really upset," said a close friend. Nicole only found out about Katie's bun in the oven through the news, despite the fact that she and Tom are in regular contact with eachother. I guess he forgot about that one? Baby probably ain't his anyway...isn't he infertile? If so then there's no way that's his child, unless his alien gods have blessed him with their spawn. Nicole's friend added "This baby means Katie Holmes will be in Tom's life forever. Nicole always cherished the special bond adopting gave her and Tom. Now he will share that bond with Katie.

    What do u guys think???
  2. all i can think is: god i hate katie holmes. but i doubt nicole still has feelings for tom. sure she's upset, but there's nothing to be jealous of. she's a beautiful, talented and respected actress and katie holmes is the woman with the dumbest smile known to mankind.
  3. I'm not the only one who thinks katie holmes has a dumb smile?:lol:
  4. I always hated "breaking news" where "close friends" come up with this sort of stories...I personally believe that Nicole is laughing her a** off at this scientology love charade.... which is sooooooo pathetic........
  5. It kinda proves something though...Tom isn't sterile. :suspiciou LOL It may be the other way around when they were married... :sad2:

    I think she's way better off without Tom. Katie is just in for the ride. And I do agree...she has a weird smile (sometimes). LOL :nuts:
  6. i can't possibly imagine that this will last. i think katie is just starstruck and tom needed a uterus.
  7. he's a control freak. she's gonna lose it and leave him in a few years OR he'll fall for another costar.
  8. I do! I do! I have a new crush and he's the hottest ever!! Keith Urban rocks!!:love: His new album is awesome and its all I listen to in my car at the moment. Nicole Kidman is so lucky & if its true she is pregnant with his baby, then she is definitely the luckiest woman alive:biggrin:
  9. I like him! :biggrin: I used to hate country music and never thought my roomates could convert me, but last year they did!!

    I also love Kenney Chesney :shame:
  10. I love him and his music!!!!
  11. He's only cute with the hat! You've been warned - don't look at photos of him hatless. I did, and that ruined it for me :suspiciou
  12. I've noticed that with a lot of country singers.
  13. I read on one of the gossip sites that Nicole Kidman haven't been photographed with her kids since 2004. Because she's never with them...but Tom and Katie are! I just thought that was odd...
  14. I am pretty sure it's something to do with Cruise.
  15. Awww, that's sad that people would say that. Just because she avoids the media {unlike TomKat} doesn't mean she spends less time w/ her children.