Nicole Kidman: It’s a Niece Shopping Spree!

  1. Girl’s day out!
    Nicole Kidman shops at bath-and-body specialty store Jo Malone in Sydney on Wednesday with her little sister Antonia and 4-month-old niece Sybella.
    Earlier this week, Nicole admitted she’s still very much in love with hubby Keith Urban.
    “It is just beautiful for me to be making a film here and him (Urban) touring here at the same time,” she said. “That’s a pretty big deal for us. We were looking at each other going, ‘Wow, this is a sweet spot now’.”
    Added Nicole, “It’s just lovely that coming from the same country gives you so much to draw from and bonds you in a way that people just don’t understand. When you come from different countries you really don’t bond in the same way.”

    The pics are so cute! I'd love to see Nicole with her own kids and maybe with her own newborn.
    nicole-kidman-niece-sybella-01.jpg nicole-kidman-niece-sybella-02.jpg nicole-kidman-niece-sybella-03.jpg nicole-kidman-niece-sybella-04.jpg nicole-kidman-niece-sybella-05.jpg
  2. i love nicole. when is she going to have a baby. they have been married a year now.
  3. I love her too and the baby looks so tiny!
  4. Maybe she doesn't want or can't have children. Ever thought about that? I find questions like that very rude. I didn't want to snap, it's just a very painful subject for some people.
  5. i adore Nicole. And i hope someday she have kids, if this is what she wants.
    She is very beautiful without make up. really good!

  6. I agree it hard for some people. I love Nicole and I hope her marriage last with Keith, he looks like a great guy.
  7. I like Nicole too and I hope she stays very happy! Cute pics!
  8. Im glad she's finally happy....
  9. I agree and can totally relate. I hated it when people were saying the same thing to me when we were struggling to get pregnant, like you can just order up a baby or something.
  10. Glad she is happy. Love Nicole!