Nicole Kidman: "I still LOVE him"

  1. Nicole Kidman says her divorce from Tom Cruise was a "major shock", and she still loves him.

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  3. I am sure she is saying that for the benefit of the children. I can imagine they are feeling really weird right now. Also, have you noticed in the pics with Nicole, he seems 'normal'? At some point in the past few years, Tom flipped over the handlebars... :amazed:
  4. i have always loved that pair.. so sad when they called it quits.. i guess they were together for a while.......... but he has moved with on Katie.... and isn't she with Keith Urban as well?
  5. Yup, she's with Keith Urban now. But she was married to Tom for 10 yrs, and that is a REALLY long time. I remember when it was first reported that they were going to get a divorce, and she looked so devastated. I'm glad she's with Keith now, and seems to be happy, although she will always love Tom.
  6. She reportedly had a miscarriage two months after he filed for divorce.
  7. I'm not at all surprised, they've been together for 10 years. He's the father of their adopted kids after all.
  8. She was the best thing that ever happened to him IMO. He's gone downhill since he left her, and she's gone nowhere but up. Funny how that works, but she's had a sad energy about her ever since. I notice it when I look at photos of her before and after. My husband says he thinks TC dumped Nicole out of jealousy and loss of control. She was becoming more famous than him and he didn't like it.
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  10. I agree with your whole post! I think she is getting better and better, while he is spiraling the other way. She seems happy to me now, but she looked really down for a while.
  11. He was probably a different person when Nicole met him - remember they were very young and he wasn't into scientology so much back then. Plus they were married for a while and have kids together...
  12. You could tell she was blindsighted when they divorced. . . I feel sad for her.
  13. she's so beautiful and classy:love:
    they were a nice couple IMO and after all, as pursegal said they have been together for 10 years...:hrmn:
    keith urban is not bad at all anyway!:nuts:
  14. of course she still loves him...they were married for years
  15. Yep, I think tom did go downhill after the divorce...

    (I don't think nicole kidman could become more famous than tom cruise though... even now, he is still the fantasy-man of many little girls :amuse:)

    she really had a miscarriage? :amazed: I can only imagine how awful that must've been...