Nicole & Joel out in NYC in Red

  1. Nicole & Joel continued their ongoing parade around Manhattan yesterday afternoon, this time with a color coordinated bonus! :smile:
    nn9.JPG nn5.JPG nn6.JPG nn4.JPG nn.JPG
  2. :yes:
    nn8.JPG nn7.JPG
  3. cute!!
  4. Glad to see nicole looking good.
  5. So nice....I like her so much...! :yes:
  6. wow she looks good - how far along is she
  7. I love her outfit, she's such a stylish looking mama!
  8. She looks really good in red
  9. They look cute!!! I think Nicole is still a bit too skinny, she needs to put on more weight......for the sake of her baby.
  10. How cute, they match.
  11. aww.. matching outfits! She looks good.
  12. Wow she looks really good and healthy!!
  13. Are they going to a costume party?
    If not, lose the matching outfits
  14. She looks cute! Just don't like the sunglasses she wears lately.
  15. They're a cute couple