Nicole is looking Good!

  1. WOW, she looks great in these pictures!:flowers:
    NRichieBRUNETTE110306_1.jpg NRichieBRUNETTE110306_2.jpg NRichieBRUNETTE110306_3.jpg NRichieBRUNETTE110306_5.jpg
  2. She looks much healthier :smile:
  3. she looks better but I think she is still a bit too thin
  4. Fantastic!
  5. She's so cute, love her.
  6. she looks better than ever :yahoo: love the dark hair and her boots
  7. I love her hair...I think the way she is dressed maybe makes her look a little bigger...I lover..I wish she would gain like 15 pounds of muscle.
  8. wow love the dark hair on her yay to brunettes!!! WHAT is that bag? I need it :smile:
  9. She is as cute as a button!!!! I love her dark hair :smile:
  10. she looks great! The way her hair is i thought she was LiLo opps.... :biggrin:
  11. I think she does look great here!
  12. that doesn't even look like her. did she do something to her face?
  13. LOVE the bag & boots :P
  14. Looking much better!! Fingers crossed that she keeps herself healthy.
  15. Shelooks healthy and I like that hair color on her. I disliked her last look with the red lips and the highlights
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