Nicole Hiking though LA's Runyon Canyon trail Yesterday

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    Nicole Richie attacked those extra holiday calories yesterday with a vigorous hike though LA's Runyon Canyon trail.
    After her 30-minute expedition, Nicole and her pal dropped by McDonald's for some fries and an extra order of trans fats.
  2. She has a pretty face.
  3. McDonald's after a workout? Makes me want to :throwup:
  4. ^^ Exactly :sick:
  5. good for her she seriously needs some mcdonalds
  6. She is kinda all over the place... I guess good for her?!
  7. She looks good with dark hair. Who is the other girl? She looks anorexic. Nicole needs good role-model friends ie Jessica Biel.
  8. yeah she needs to hike/run. shes tipping the scales at a whopping 90 lbs. what a cow.
  9. she has a nice face in this photo.
  10. Nicloe and the lady in the photos look like sisters.
  11. I just love Nicole. I hope she gets better in every way she needs to.
  12. She looks terribly skinny. I agree that Jessica Biel would be a great role model for her and other anorectic girls all over the world.
    I like the way she looks with dark her, although when she was blonde I think she looked good too.
  13. wow, those two are super skinny. :wtf:
  14. I think so too!