Nicole & Her Buddy Hung Out After Shopping @ Fred Segal !

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. She looks kinda tired, but I like her hat! Her friend is really cute! Thanks for posting PM!
  3. Yeah she looks tired.
  4. Is the blonde Sophie Monk (shes also dating one of the guy from Good Charlotte)?
  5. The hat is an improvement over the stupid scarves she is always wrapping around her head!
  6. nicole does look tired cute hat though. Oh thanks for posting prada.
  7. :yes: yep that's Sophie.
  8. Looking rough
  9. She's just not wearing much makeup, IMO.
  10. HAHAHAHA!! ITA!!! Maybe it's from all the eating!!!

  11. :yes: totally agree - poor thing she needs some :sleepy: or something
  12. I've spotted her around. I just think she doesn't have make up on (under her eyes) and kudos to her. I think she looks natural and like a normal person. And her weight looks good. You go Nicole.
  13. I prefer her without make up to be honest :yes:
  14. her friend i cute. never really like nicole though :p
  15. same here.. i loove her more without makeup
    she looks younger without it :yes: