Nicole Got Her Lips Done: What Do You Think ?

  1. Nicole Richie has finally gained some weight! Only problem? It's all gone to her lips. (Hey, everyone has problem areas, right?)

    The demunitive celebutante recently showed up on the set of her hit E! network reality show donning a set of smackers that only Lisa Rinna could love.

  2. Yea, it looks like she did her lips. She looks good in those pics.
  3. Certainly looks healthier in the first pict, but kinda looked overinflatded? Anyways, i love her style so wish her the best. :yes:
  4. I don't think she looks that bad.
  5. Not as bad as Jessica's.
  6. I don't think she has had them done, maybe its just different makeup or a plumping lipstick, they don't look to different to normal, she has always had large lips.
    Either way, she looks gorgeous!
  7. add some color to those lips and she will look so cute.
  8. In the picture on the left it looks like she got punched in the mouth....the other one though looks good.
  9. These are not her best pics
  10. The first pic kinda makes her look like a younger Goldie Hawn
  11. hopefully she will stop here and not do anymore then she will look just yuk...
  12. Her lips were perfectly fine before! It bugs me when perfectly attractive young girls in H'wood do unnecessary stuff like this. It just makes them look unnatural.
  13. oh, she looks SICK.
  14. she looks like she needs to go to sleep
  15. They don't look like they've been treated with collagen, or anything.

    Maybe she used Lip Venom?

    Either way, her lips look good and she looks healther in those pictures.