Nicole Fires Rachel Zoe

  1. Maybe she really does want to get off the drugs and be healthy.
  2. Richie Fires Stylist Rachel Zoe

    Nicole Richie is cleaning out her closet. Us has learned that, on November 14, the Simple Life star axed her personal stylist (and close confidante) of more than two years, Rachel Zoe. The reason? The size-0 Richie, 25, “wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences,” an insider says.
    Apparently that didn’t include the controversial fashionista, 35, who has long been accused of promoting unhealthy body images (her roster of stick-thin clients includes Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan, both 20).
    “Nicole didn’t trust Rachel anymore,” a Richie pal says of the firing. “Zoe didn’t take the news well.”
    Zoe’s rep denies this, adding that the split was amicable.
    In her place, Richie has hired Cristina Ehrlich – who has dressed Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz – to pick an outfit for the November 21 American Music Awards, where the actress has been asked to introduce a performance by dad Lionel Richie.
  3. RZ NEEDS to ditch the sun! PRONTO!!! She looks like an old prune!!!:yucky:
  4. Rachel Zoe does look pretty haggard!
  5. She does NOT look like she's 35...try more like 45
  6. Good, I am sure many more will follow suit. It seems to me that RZ is a one trick pony. Very good at making everybody look like an identikit, and nothing else. Oooh I know, lets style everybody exactly like myself, and then call myself a stylist, we could all do that ;)

    Hopefully, a backash to the rediculous size of these girls is going to start from now on. And if RZ is 35, then Nicole Richie is a size 16 :biggrin:
  7. Wow! This is a pretty interesting move on Nicole's part! I'm glad... maybe she can get her identity back.
  8. Why doesn't Nicole just dress herself? :shrugs:

  9. I don't know - you know in Hollywood that could be dangerous. Look at Britney and Mariah.:wtf:
  10. good for her... probably a smart move. nicole is looking so much healthier these days, a new stylist might do her some good too.
  11. Probably the best thing that Nicole did as Zoe is NOT a good role model for a healthy body/outlook. I love Nicole's style with Zoe but it's so not worth being subjected to the skeletal model Zoe stands for. Good for her for seeing Zoe for what she is and making the change!
  12. Good thing for Nicole! She is looking better now, hopefully she can continue to get better, and healthy! RZ looks very old man! She should really look at herself and see!
  13. good for nicole. i've always liked her and i'm glad she's getting it together.
  14. i REALLY need to know where she get rid of her closets stuff... :drool:
    and maybe she also decided to throw away some of her b bags too :P