Nicole Farhi

  1. Is it a high end brand?? I saw a gorgeous canvas tote with calf leather trim and handles.. Thinking of getting it..but is it considered to be branded??
  2. Yep, she's a high-end British designer... Her cashmere knits in particular, are to die for. My favourite zip-up jumper is from Nicole Farhi actually.
  3. I wish there were online pics of her bags! I searched and searched, but did not find any pics! If you get it, can you post pics? Thanks!
  4. Thing is, I'm torn between 2 bags... NicoleFarhi's dark brown tote with leather trim and handles... and Gucci Black canvas GG tote... PradaPrince!! HELP!!
  5. Her stuff is very lovely. I have a sweater from Nicole Farhi and it's the most comfortable thing ever (Unfortuetly one and a half year after the design was COPIED BY H&M and suddenly everyone was wearing not so comfortable versions of my swaeter... >_< I haven't used it since then actually.. =P I got tired from seeing it all over).
  6. Here to help... Got any pics of the bags?