Nicole C's Coach Collection

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. My collection so far. I started in August 2003 with the khaki demi.
    My latest purchase:
    Thanks for looking.
  2. wow, so many coach bags! they're beautiful! thanks for sharing!
  3. Holy cow that's a lot of Coach ! Great collection - I love the bubbles wristlet !
  4. That's a fabulous Coach collection! So colorful, thanks for sharing.
  5. Wow!! Nice collection!
  6. WOW!! Excellent collection!:biggrin::flowers:
  7. Great collection! I love how you have alot of limited editions and pieces you don't see all the time.
  8. Nice! Good pic of the new hobo!
  9. now, that's a lot of Coach items.. hehe very colorful.
  10. wow loving the coach =D
  11. Holy moly! Beautiful collection, I just want to dive in there LOL
  12. WoW!! That's a ton of Coach!!! Love it!!!!!!
  13. Wow, you have a lot of Coach bags! They're really pretty and colorful!
  14. You are a living example of how Coach makes the most beautiful bags!
  15. Love your collection!!! You have so many nice bags!
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