Nicole Chows Down !!

  1. The celebutante was snapped out in Malibu on Saturday with buddy Brody Jenner stuffing her face with a huge burger and sipping smoothies at a local burger stand.
    The petite heiress recently appeared on the "Tyra Banks Show" and revealed that she has hired a nutritionist and is trying to gain back some weight. The "Simple Life" star expressed to Tyra how much stress the media attention on her body causes her, making it hard for her to gain weight.
  2. Yeah right she is probably just eating so the public can leave her alone about not eating and being so thin. I just don't buy it..
  3. I think those glasses are chloe from years back.. LOL i have some. LMAO.. i never wore them probably for that reason.

    Or they could be tom ford.. but i know that chloe came out w/ glasses like that years back! LOL
  4. I feel for Nicole - I hope this isn't a ploy and she's actually getting better. :flowers:
  5. Me either. I don't want to pick on her...but I'm not going to applaud until she LOOKS like she is putting on a little but of weight. That burger could be all she ate that day.:sad:
  6. i like nicole at least she's trying...
  7. I can totally believe that!! Many overweight people tend to eat when stressed. I can totally see the reverse being true also.

    I don't know many people who could withstand the scrutiny of the public and constantly being watched by the press. For goodness sake, they're following her and taking pictures of her eating. :confused1: That's not some celebrity party she's attending.

    I can't imagine what it would be like to be photographed constantly and have those pics appear in the news. I don't want pics taken of me on bad hair days. :cursing:
  8. i like nicole..
    i hope she's really trying...:flowers:
  9. i like her sunnies:smile:
    anyone know which brand it is?
  10. when you see all of the pics from her meal, it is so sad, it looks as though she has forgotton how to eat & her mouth doesn't know what to do. :sad:
    Where's the Beef?
    Her glasses look just like some that were sold in the 80's, very retro "ladies who lunch".
  11. That is what happens to me... when I'm very stressed out I can not eat. It takes me a long time to calm down and be able to stomach food. And I totally agree, I don't need visual records of my bad hair days! I like to pretend they never existed... :whistle:
  12. Hm.. those sunglasses.... LOL

    Mike Meyers via SNL playing a middle aged Jewish lady... those skits always made me laugh.
  13. And she probably puked it up right after she finished it. :rolleyes:
  14. ^^^ Just what I was thinking, I hope she digests it ! Girl needs some fat, just a little !