Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks in I'm Outta Here

Feb 26, 2006
Product name/shade: Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks in I'm Outta Here

Review: I used the coupon for a free Nic's Stick from Ulta in the Deals & Steals forum. Last night, I finally took it out and decided to paint my toes. After a couple of pumps, the lacquer flowed out onto the brush. I noticed this lacquer seems a bit thinner than regular OPI. That's not really a problem, though. Overall, the product is easy to use. However, I admit I am so used to the ProWide brush on regular OPI products that other brushes don't seem to measure. I don't really like the brush on this product, but I imagine it is designed to work with the "pump and paint" feature of the product. The OPI ProWide brush probably wouldn't work well on this product. The color is nice enough. It sort of reminds me of the center of a very ripe, juicy watermelon. It looks nice on toes, especially with sandals. Very summery. Overall, I think I'll just stick with regular OPI. For $6.99, you only get .135 ouces of lacquer whereas you can pay about a $1.50 more and get .5 ounces. Heck, even the bottles of Nicole by OPI are a better buy than this product. You get .5 ounces of Nicole in the bottle for a little over $7. It was nice to get this product free, but I doubt I would actually pay for it.

Price: $6.99

Will purchase again: No.

Where to find it: drug stores, discount stores, beauty stores
Also tried Nic's Sticks... in general was not impressed with how the lacquer would dry on the brush fast (similar to other items like Nic's Sticks from other brands) and it felt like putting wet lacquer on dry on the brush and over time I'd see you having to clean it off for that thing to work properly. I was not moved to want to buy again, so I think I'll just avoid all "carry on and quick use" type of nail polish that's supposed to be handy.