Nicole Bringing In The New Year !

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    Nicole Richie & Joel Madden, @ Palms New Year Eves party last night, sucking face with her tattooed boy toy du jour between rides on his lap.

    Onlookers watched as the sparkly couple carelessly canoodled all night long -
  2. What the heck is she wearing!? And what she sees in this guy!? I just don't get it...
  3. Didn't really want to waste a new thread, so, I figured i would throw in Lindsay, too !

  4. I just saw a movie where they mention that bright colors should be reserved for children and who**es. Is that neon? She looks a mess.

    Love Nicole. She needs to find another boy-toy. He looks creepy.
  5. wait...i feel so lame and like a dorkwad.

    question: joel madden..wasnt he with hilary duff? or am i totally screwing up? i'm rather confused.

    sorry guys, i feel so out of it.
  6. Yeah, he was with HD for quite a long time actually but they broke up around 3 weeks ago. I guess it didn't take him that long to rebound lol!
  7. Yeah he was with Hilary but they broke up a couple of weeks ago. Now he's with Nicole, apparently.
    Either way she looks really out of it. Again.
  8. That dress on Lindsey is so unflattering. I'm glad you didn't waste a separate thread on each of them, PM--they're tiresome, yet here I am, reading and commenting on them! what does that say about me???:nuts:
  9. It seems like Joel Madden moved on really fast!! I think that's a good color for Lindsay, but the dress isn't totally unflattering!!
  10. his face was awful...he needs some Proactiv...
    I don't like the cut and design on Lindsay's dress, but I actually like the neon pink with her skin tone, not too bad. (first time I said something about her in a little bit good way)
  11. yuck. she needs to gain some weight..
  12. wow seems like nicole is haveing a serious relapse
  13. Nicole and Joel both look Fugly IMO :yucky: LiLo looks better than usual, although I don't love her frock.
  14. Interesting dresses, but man, I am thinking that we're going to see a Celebrity Oops' soon with Lindsey's short dress! I'm not sure if it can go anymore north without being one!
  15. Thanks Prada for not starting a new thread, that dress on LiLo doesn't deserve it!!!

    I really am super sad for Hiliar that her loser bf of so long rebounds on Nicole...I love Hiliary and lets hope she finds someone who looks 500times better than that guy.