Nicole/Ashley Chanel sunnies

  1. A few of you have been asking me for more pics of these sunnies that I got way back earlier this year...the sunnies seem to have taken on a new life now that pics of Nicole R and Ashley O surfaced with them wearing them. So here they are...enjoy!





  2. Love those! Great pics, thanks. What is the item # please?
  3. those are amazing!
  4. here is the number below the bar code from the box:

    3 572620 383643

    this is the chanel style number, i believe:
    07P A34823X01081
  5. **drooling** I ADORE those sunnies, truly. This pic w/Ashley sitting on the car w/them on is the cutest!!!!:nuts:

  6. Thank you! :heart: :graucho:
  7. they are super cute!
  8. Too cute! :heart: it!
  9. sooo cute!
  10. omg i cant order till tomorrow i hope i can get a pair :sad:
  11. I love them!!!!
  12. yeah the first time i saw them was in the cruise show, and they were so oddball looking i couldn't stop thinking about them. then when i finally tried them on, they actually fit! i never had any luck with chanel sunnies before so I hoarded them. they do look pretty goofy, but if you want huge sunnies with great coverage these are def it! the best part is the gradient grey on the lenses. Fab for hangover days haha!!
  13. cute.
  14. i wanted then first when i saw the ad in my magazine months ago!!

    i just forgot what magazine they were and couldn't find it!

    i will have them

    does anyone know if Saks employees get discounts at the chanel boutiques INSIDE the Saks?

    also i just tried to search via UPC number and its not valid they say :O
  15. :nuts:Crazy side arms on those sunnies - but very cool.