Nicole and Paris MAKE UP!!

  1. i cant see the video. however i highly doubt this
  2. i cant seem to open the video...
  3. i cant seem to play the video...
  4. I can't see the video either. :sad:

    I don't doubt this after watching last season of The Simple Life. The last couple of shows it appeared that for the first time all season the girls were working together and playing up the feud slightly. They had such a long history together that it would be a shame if they never made up. They may never be 'best friends' again but I would like to see them reunited.
  5. Paris and Nicole are my favourite celebrity duo. I love them and am always entertained by them. :biggrin: If they got back together it would do awesome things for both their careers. An besides, why would either of them want to hang out with the drag that is Firecrotch when they could hang out with each other. ;)
  6. I don't like opening links so I didn't but good for them if they really did.
    They actually both seemed somewhat diplomatic about the whole thing IMO. COmpared to how silly and imature both girls usually are.
    The interviews I saw they were always respectful of each other about the whole thing saying very little, often adding that they were friends forever and still love each other although they didn't think they'd ever be friends again.
    Paris seems like she's blacklisted from most people's list of buddies so it's probably in her best interest to make up, or maybe she's concerned about NR wasting away, word is she's hovering around 82lbs now which is smaller than Karen Carpenter when she died :sad:
  7. A lot of people feel the feud was all a publicity stunt to begin with & that they were friends all along.
  8. What interviews???
    Where have I been???
  9. how sweeet ... i want to see them together again....

    ps: i adoooore NR' car :heart:
  10. yeah i thought it verged on u publicity stunt i think they acctually did have a fight but it was just dragged on too long and they would make up eventually i love the simple life with them together as friends like they were ment to be!
  11. ummm- paris has a song entitlies jalousy about nicole. shes not very nice in it
  12. saw the video.. still unsure if its paris.. the photographers are goin craz though. haha
  13. yeah the video really didnt make much sense too me
  14. Who really knows on thaty one?