Nicole and Joel in Central Park

  1. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden walk around Central Park on July 31, 2007 in New York City.

    These pics are one month old but i found them today and i adore them so i want to share with all of you :smile:

  2. Awww... They looks so happy. She looks really healthy and happy in these pics. Thanks for posting!!
  3. Cute!
  4. aww they look so cute and happy.
  5. aww, they're so cute together.
  6. i love the pic of him kissing her forehead.
  7. Aww...really sweet pictures!!
  8. cutest.pic.ever.:heart::heart::heart:
    she looks so great!
  9. Wow she looks lovely in that shade of red - I really hope she has a healthy baby.
  10. That is a great pic of them.
  11. Sweet pics!
  12. They do look super cute. She is SO SMALL!!!!
  13. These pictures are from July? She looks so big, and so good too.
  14. she is starting to look really healthy.
  15. Those don't look posed or anything :rolleyes: but they still look great!