...Nicole and Joel Come Back From Vacation...

  1. Home Sweet Home


    After a peaceful Hawaiin vacation, a tiny Nicole Richie and a tattooed Joel Madden were thrown back into reality with a special welcome at Los Angeles airport, by an awaiting media scrum. Joel as always took great pride in looking after his girl, as he held her hand tightly through the crowds. Nicole clutched a pillow the whole way, hiding her ever expanding bump, and on entering their blacked out suv she used her pillow to shield herself.


  2. must be hard to have cameras in your face the hole time
  3. I love how Nicole is carrying around her pillow/
  4. ^ yeah, me too. :p
  5. I wish nicole would stop wearing those forhead wraps.
  6. Looks like Joel is gaining some sympathy weight!

  7. I agree - shes such a pretty girl and those forhead scarves look stupid - shes gorgeous when she has her "classy style" going on.