Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud) launches makeup range

May 8, 2007
London, UK
Cheryl and Kimberley join Nicola at the restaurant Sketch for the launch of Nicola's makeup range for pale skin:

She opted to create her own make-up range for pale skin because she said: "I know how difficult it can be to find the right sort of sexy look with the products already out there."

Kimberley said: "Nicola has really put her heart into producing her make-up range and she really hopes that she can help people who are also pale like her." As Girls Aloud shot to fame with hits like Jump and Chemistry Nicola revealed that she turned to drink to escape taunts about her looks and shrank into the background behind her more glamorous bandmates.

She said: "For years I felt like the ugly one in Girls Aloud. I was tall, skinny, with red hair and the whitest skin you've ever seen - standing next to to four of the most gorgeous girls in Britain.
"I was the ugly one, the odd one out.
She added: "People on radio and TV started making nasty comments about me and I felt awful." But now, with her dream realised she said: "Hopefully I can help a lot of girls out there to look their best."
Apr 26, 2006
that's great!!! looks of pale girl (incl. me) will think it's great that she's got her own range (she one of the palest girl in showbiz)