~* Nico_79's collection - 7 years in the making *~

  1. As promised, I finally have an update! I was a lucky girl to be able to get these two pre-fall pieces from Chanel.

    The fist is called the Sporran, quite a small bag, but I loved the detail and the whimsical look.

    Second is my favourite piece from pre-fall, the pony Boy in black. In love with his little Mohawk!:love:
  2. Wow! The pony boy is tdf!
  3. Congrats! OMG, so funky and cool!
  4. I LOVE your red and blue vintage!!! I clicked on your 'collection' on my thread and checked out all your bags. Stunning!! Can I still get those or they're no longer available?
  5. Thank you HQ! Congrats on your latest Boy too!

    Thanks Bratty1919! Sometimes it's nice to have some fun pieces to play with. :biggrin:

    Kkatrina, I got the two vintage pieces from a re-seller on Malleries. I've seen the red one pop up a few times, but never seen the blue which is why I bought it even though it wasn't in my budget. I think it's from the late 80's so it might be tough to find another one, but best of luck on your hunt! That's half the fun shopping for vintage. ;)
  6. You're leading me to add a lot of bags to my to buy list!! I've never heard of Malleries and just checked it out! I found your blue vintage in red, but I really like it more in blue!! I guess the hunt begins :p

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, or if it's a stupid question. Can I trust all the buyers on Malleries/are all bags authentic on that site? Thanks so much!!!!
  7. Not a stupid question at all! You still have to be careful buying from Malleries, so I would always get it authenticated here on tPF. There's also a list of recommended sellers which I use that I've found to be pretty spot on.
  8. Your collection is AMAZING!!!
  9. Thank you! Do you by any chance have your list of recommended sellers? Sorry if I'm asking for too much :s
  10. Thank you BagLVer4Life! I have spent years saving up to afford some of these bags recently which is ridiculously gratifying and scary! :biggrin:

    Umm I can only remember my vintage Chanels were from Garo. Sorry I have not tried the others, only have searched through the forums and read other people's experiences.
  11. Thank you, that's more than enough!! Thanks so much :biggrin:
  12. Been meaning to update this, but got sidetracked!

    I didn't realize how many bracelets I had collected this year, but I guess I really love Hermes enamels. I think they are the perfect little accessory to add some pattern or colour to an outfit. I'm not really one for fancy jewelry so these are as close as it's going to get for me!


    Next is a picture of all my Hermes scarves I've collected. My DH thinks it's a bit "old lady" like of me, but I really love all the detail that goes into the silks. For me this is like wearing a bit of art with my outfit.

    Lastly shoes! I've never been one to really care about designer shoes until I started looking for a pair to wear to my wedding. Well I never found them, but I did end up with a few others!

  13. You have such impeccable collection! Bravo !
    By the way I'm so glad to know someone who loves bags and cats (espcially abandoned one)!!
    Wishing you all the best!
  14. How did I miss this thread?! You have a lovely collection!
  15. Beautiful collection!