nicky's chanel!!

  1. :nuts: :yes: i love her bag:love:
  2. love it
  3. Is that the grand shopping tote?
  4. Yes.:love:
  5. I love it too! Does anyone know how much is it?
  6. It retails $1650 if memory serves me right! :smile:
  7. Yup, Grand Shopper! I have it in black with silver and it is indeed $1650 and fab!
  8. I also have it in black with silver hardware, got in beverly hills in August.. Truely a nice bag! definitely worth every $!!
  9. What kind of material is it? is it easy to get scratches? what other colors are available in this style? :love:
  10. Caviar Leather.. I have seen it in beige, black and brown. It also comes with Gold Hardware.. Not sure it may come in white leather also.
  11. ps caviar leather doesnt scratch at all - it's really tough wearing.
  12. I like it.
  13. I've also seen it in white and pink!
  14. Pink must be divine..!!! such a nice bag - is the pink with gold or silver hardware? i know silver hardware was only released this year in the summer...
  15. I want that bag but I cannot find it anywhere!! If anyone knows a store that has it please let me know!!