Nicky Hiltons Chanel flats

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  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone know where I can get them or the price?
  2. I've seen these at Neiman's Troy, MI just a few days ago.
  3. Chanel ballet flats usually run anywhere from $400-$550.
  4. They are $550 and NM and BG have them for sure!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I don't usually like things with such an obvious logo but those are so cute
  7. very cute..
  8. i've been looking for these too.. arent they from last season?

  9. No, they are new for this spring/summer collection.
  10. Lovely. But very expensive. That's Chanel...:shocked:
  11. i agree with mooks, i like these flats although i avoid obvious logos on shoes/bags, these are chic.:yes:
  12. They are cute. I agree with the others about the obvious logo, but I did want a pair of Cambon flats and never found them, so I may consider these...