Nicky Hilton's bag

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  2. From the lovely ladies at the Hermes subforums :smile:

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  3. Love this thread. I need to see more bags.

    I wish we had a thread just on celebrities and their bags.
  4. More Nicky, out and about and some from Twitter.
    splendid.jpg miami.jpg dvfnh.jpg
  5. In NYC.
    nyc1.jpg nyc.jpg
  6. I love her mini Celine! and Paris looks decent for once too
  7. Ooh, I like her dress! Possibly because I have the same one. :greengrin:
  8. ^ The DVF dress? I have it too and love it.
  9. Oops, sorry, I was referring to the Topshop dress in the NYC pics.
  10. Ahh, gotcha. I love that dress too. Thanks for the ID:smile:
  11. New York City
    (May 5, 2012 - Source:

  12. Beverly Hills yesterday.

  13. NICKY WINS!!! She has the largest bag collection I have ever seen. I saw her at a Lakers Game (in person) one time she is smaller than I was in the 4th grade. She is TINY!
  14. She has fantastic hair. I love that she isn't wearing extensions like the rest of hollywood!
  15. Actually, she does. She has extremely thin hair. She and Paris also have brown eyes, but insist on wearing blue contacts.....