Nicky Hilton Double Pocket Bag-Samantha Thavasa

  1. Cute shape, but I don't love the colors.
  2. Eh. Too "bubblegum" for me.
  3. The shape reminds me a lot of the neo denim speedy.

    That being said, I prefer the neo denim speedy ! Samantha Thavasa's star bags aren't too bad, but they're rather pricy for a bag that looks so.. cheapy.
  4. Never thought that Nicky "star" bag was going to go away. This at least doesn't have stars all over a generic shape.
  5. I hv purchased a leather Samantha Thavasa when i was in Tokyo, really nice with gd workmanship but then price was not cheap. The VB range is also nice but more pricey. This brand is hot in Tokyo. I luv it!!!!
  6. Her bags make me wanna YACK
  7. I didn't see that design yet?!

    My FAV is the 7 style bowler bags ^___^
  8. wow, this is a very old thread, lol.

    sorry, but they look cheap to me...