Nicky and Nicole looking fab and toting Hot bags!

  1. [​IMG]
    Nicole Richie hooks up with Nicky Hilton to grab some burgers and a side of fries at retro diner Johnny Rockets in Hollywood on Friday.

    I'm so lovin' both theire bags and Nicole boots:yes:
  2. love the chanel
  3. I love how Nicole's rocking the colors!
  4. I love that chanel tote and the look from nicky .. !!
  5. Nicole looks like a little kid there...whatever, love her style, as always:p
  6. awwwww nicole... not that fake balenciaga again!!!!
    love the chanel though :p
  7. Ooo, a yellow balenciaga... love it! wish i can get it since i'm in a search for a yellow bag. and i love how nicole doesn't match but manages to look great.
  8. yeah I like the chanel as well..
  9. i love nicole's boots
  10. Agreed. I'm looking for a Pink Caviar Shopper right now.
  11. Love Nicky's Chanel. I also think the yellow B-bag looks great on on Nicole. It really makes her outfit pop!
  12. Nicky's Chanel is HOT!

    The girls look good!
  13. I love Nicole's yellow Balenciaga!
  14. Lol I have Nicky's Grand Shopper but mine is navy blue :yes:
  15. Love nicky's chanel tote.