1. my brother calls me hollywood because i'm high matience, like designer things, and in general act like i'm fabulous and everyone should already know it. he says i missed my calling as a movie star. i always respond with i also missed out on talent and the skinny gene and then he proceeds to rattle off a long list of talentless, formerly curvy stars that are my age. hehe.

    have your handbag habit (or designer things in general) inspired any of your nicknames?
  2. i wish mine was a nickname!!!!i usually use my original name as a nickname, as it sounds like it is...:sad:

    thinking about it...i think i have no nicknames, Hollywood(like your nick)!!:nuts:
  3. at work they call me Miss America because I don't like to get dirty. When I am doing labor and getting dirty they all say "Oh Miss America is working today" It made me mad at first but know I like it.
  4. my bf calls me blushie, b/c my cheeks are always flushed...and my friends call me cheeks or cheekie (b/c i am can cheeky at times)
  5. my bf calls me crazy........and its not only because of handbags.....hehhehe
  6. Friends, family, and coworkers call me "ms. picky" just b/c i'm so picky a/b everything.:lol:
  7. ilzabet we share the same nickname LOL!! My parents say I'm like Paris Hilton...I should be famous for having expensive things.
  8. My husband has started calling me "pochette". I think he is making fun of me and my bags. Everytime I have some kind of issue or problem he also says, "Maybe your pochette can help you". Smart -ss.
  9. It really has nothing to do with bags but my name is Kim/Kimberly and my fathers career was a merchant marine, he traveled back and forth to he orient, so my mom and dad called me Kimiko all the time. It originated from Japan,(I think) I am a blue eyed blonde and not of asian decent at all but now that I am grown, 36yrs old and have lost both parents, I miss it so much. My nick name was and is very special to me.
  10. ^ Oh I like that nickname, it's lovely :love:

    Hehe... my friends and family just call me "Princess" hehehe. Because I'm precious, I don't like to get dirty, I scream when I see bugs, etc. I'm high maintenance, basically :P And I love expensive things!
  11. I don't have any nicknames because of my purses, my friends usually just tease me about them and ask what the current count of purses is.

    I'm "Miss Ticklish" around my friends because I am the most ticklish person ever. You could poke me and I would be tickled. I'm quite jumpy too, which doesn't help. :smile:
  12. My nickname is Dulittle as in Dr. Dulittle because I have a lot of pets and everyone that knows me knows I just absolutely adore animals. My nickname even has a nickname ...... lol .... I'm called "The Doo" for short. I know .... corny.
  13. Years ago, when my family first moved to our house (it was newly built), I had become obsessed with keeping it as new-looking for as long as possible! My cousin started calling me "Mrs. Clean".
    (I'm not like that anymore. Now, I can't even keep my room organized!):rolleyes:
  14. My friends like to call me Cookie, because I love to eat cookies and can't get enough of them. (Really bad for my diet btw)

    My dh calls me B or BB, it's short for baby and not as mushy. People tend to stare less when he calls me that on the street. :P
  15. my bf calls me babe, and a guy at work calls me anna banana, my family calls me nanners yeah i've got lots but my fave is babe of course