Nicki Minaj

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  1. #1 Jul 8, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2010
    You may know her as "That chick featured on just about every song from 2009-2010 and earlier". She just announced via that her record drops on November 23rd, 2010!!!!!

    Can't wait!!

  2. I'm not really a Nicki fan but I her shoe game is on point. She rarely wears a shoe I don't love.

    I tried so hard not to like "Your Love" but it grew on me....I'm curious to see how well her album does.
  3. I've only heard her on Xtina's song. She sounds like she is having a seizure but it grows on you after awhile.
  4. I love her. I loved "Shakin It For Daddy"
  5. Oh my God, I know, right? Girlfriend was scaring me on that one, but after the initial shock, I liked her feature. Still don't bang the song, but still. Haha!
  6. Nicki isnt my cup of tea. I tried listening to a few of her songs but i feared I was loosing brain cells too rapidly. Since i watch the hills every week, i figure thats enough mind numbing entertainment. I also cant stand the fact that most of her obsessive fans seem to be hoodrats who already had an affinity for bad outfits and brightly coloured weave. The whole barbie gimmick is annoying...

    Man the fact that I cant enjoy most mainstream rap music these days makes me feel super old :sad: I'm not even 30 yet!
  7. Female rappers are becoming extinct. That is why she is hot.
  8. That's like, my favourite "Stripper Jams" song as of late!

    I can't find the longer version, and the embed code is trippin', but at the end, Nicki gets all bashful and steps to the back, and Dave goes right for her like "Heeellllllo Nicki!" :graucho:.

    "You were sleepin' on me, thinkin' it was slumber time,
    Now I'm a Trending Topic, lil' mama, number sign!"

    And the commanding way she goes "WANNA PLAY?"
  9. I feel you, I feel you. Still like her, though. Heehee! :greengrin:
  10. I don't always like what she does. I thought Massive Attack was terrible, and sometimes I'm annoyed w/ the weird voices she does, but for the most part I always find myself humming her verses.
  11. it's sad that most female rappers who actually have something to say wont ever make it as far as she has. *sigh* I really wish lauryn hill still made music and didnt get struck down by that Marley dick... I miss her a lot. She could sing, rap, and never had to take her clothes off to do it
  12. I agree with this. I think she's a pretty girl but musically she doesn't do it for me.

    Although, I will admit that her verse on the "Hello Good Morning" remix was kinda hot.

    I think just about everyone misses Lauryn. I know I do :sad:

    I liked Eve when she first came out too, where is she these days?
  13. I first heard her in BedRock by Young Money feat Lloyd.

    I liked that one. I also like Woo Hoo (that's with her and Christina Aguilera).

    I haven't really heard any of her other stuff yet.
  14. I heard "Your Love" is #1 on the rap charts. She's the first female MC to score a number 1 single in 8yrs.

    Congrats to her.
  15. She wack