1. what do you think about this couple???
  2. They are a hot, rebound couple!
  3. I could care less either way about them.
  4. I LOVE them!!!!!
  5. I love them together, I truly hope she makes him happy.
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  6. I like them, I feel bad for them starting a new relationship is hard & having the entire watch them is even harder
  7. whatever...IMO.
  8. Jessica to appear on TRL and she was not there.
  9. Jessica didnt appear on TRL... I wonder why :nuts:
  10. Is it just me or do celebs rebound after a serious relationship in like 5 seconds?? :wacko: If I had just gotten divorced.. I'd need to take atleast a few months off before returning to the playing field!
  11. its totally a rebound relationship.
  12. Jessica & Nick's Close Encounter

    WEDNESDAY JULY 19, 2006 03:00PM EST

    Minnillo, Lachey and Simpson (inset) leaving Hyde on July 15 Photo by: alphax / x17[​IMG]
    Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey didn't have to wait until the Teen Choice Awards for an awkward encounter. The newly divorced couple had a three's-a-crowd moment in the early morning hours of July 15 when Simpson crossed paths with Lachey and gal pal Vanessa Minnillo at L.A.'s intimate Hyde Lounge.

    As PEOPLE reports in its new issue, Simpson arrived first at the hot spot, where she chatted with friend and hairstylist Ken Paves. "Jessica was having a grand time," a fellow clubgoer tells PEOPLE. "She was totally vibing the music."

    Then Lachey and Minnillo arrived hand-in-hand. "Jessica's rhythm totally changed. She was silent and stopped moving," says the witness. "It looked like she was going to shoot out a laser beam and incinerate them." Lachey, on the other hand, "never broke a sweat," says another observer.

    While several people at the club tell PEOPLE the two never interacted, close friends of both Simpson and Lachey report that Lachey came over to chat and give his ex a hug. "Let's face it, it's going to be a little awkward, but they both handled it well," says a source close to Lachey. "They behaved like two people moving on."

    "There's no hostility between Nick and Jessica," adds a Simpson pal, who says Simpson was nonetheless disturbed when Lachey engaged in a "heavy make-out session" with Minnillo. "She didn't need to see (that)."
  13. they are soooo cute together!!! good luck to them!!!
  14. maybe it's just me, but i just don't think they look right together... i guess i'm a N&J fan through and through.. :sad:

    oh well, best of luck and i wish them happiness!
  15. I miss Nick and Jess:crybaby: