Nick n Jess making alliances????

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    well, i'm not quite sure about this, but yesterday i've just read that while nick lachey making statements that he wanted to tour with britney, jessica has sent special letter for christina aguilera about how christina has become one of jess' major inspiration.....

    i just smell something rotten here, 'coz it happened almost at the same time n the person they praised were once rival..............

    you decide...............................


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  2. i dont think Nick would so such a thing
  3. why not.. i think it would be cool o see nick with britney
  4. I think he and Britney have the same manager, so maybe something is in the works when and if she goes on tour.
  5. Christina is FAR more talented than Britney and has a lot better staying power, she'd be the one I'd pick!
    I personally can't stand the way Brit sings through her nose :yucky:
    I'm not a CA fan, but I can't deny her voice is powerful, even JT who still says nothing but good about Brit says CA is the most talented singer of this little era.

  6. ITA!! :yes:
  7. :yahoo::yahoo:
    yaaaayyyyyyyyyy for team christina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!