Nick Lachey wants spousal support!

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  1. haha! What?!
  2. lol odd...but a lot of women get spousal support so what the hell give it to nick
  3. Heh heh . . . considering how much they claim to respect and care for each other, it's surprising that Jessica doesn't want to give him ANY money. I guess she'd rather spend the cash on bags instead of on him! :amuse:
  4. Yeah, ShoppeGirl. I remember her saying there was no prenup because even if they parted, she'd want Nick to have half of everything that's hers.
  5. I feel sad about any couple that can't take marriage serious.
  6. I heard somewhere, there was no prenup, only because at the time he had more than her. I think she refused to sign. lol It's funny how things change.
  7. ha ha ha! Karma strikes again!
  8. he put up with her for years, he deserves whatever he demands.
  9. It's normal how things change, it's funny how people don't really expect them to.
  10. I say give him half! Hell, he had to put up with her crazy father!!! He is so creepy!!! Blech!
  11. Yeah! and sells her off using those humongous watermelons of hers! lol j/k......i think it is weird that her father books up these deals for her, especially when it involves selling her body looks and everyhthing...but what can you say? sex sells.
  12. JS wouldn't be where she is today if it's not for that reality tv show.
  13. I find Jessica hypocritica beyond words. She sold herself as the good Christian girl, who remained a virgin until her wedding night. Yet here she is, getting a divorce. Sanctity of marriage anyone ? I don't believe it's wrong to get a divorce, what I think is just plain out confusing is how she's suddenly gone from, pious Southern girl with high morals to drink the night away socialite star.

    I would hate to have to be caught in the middle of this. I wonder what's the real deal with CaCee.
  14. Yes, I agree. She also supposedly cheated on him with the Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine while they were still married. hmmm

    She didn't get big until Newleyweds anyways. I think he deserves whatever he wants.