Nick Lachey & Vanessa @ Koi Last Night Celebrating Nicks Birthday !

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    NLACHEY110806_1.jpg NLACHEY110806_2.jpg NLACHEY110806_3.jpg NLACHEY110806_4.jpg
  2. nice! They look cute together
  3. I really like them as a couple. Hope it works out!
  4. I like them as a couple too!
  5. [Great couple!

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  6. They're so cute together!
  7. they look great together and i think that vanessa minillo is sooo beautiful.:yes:
  8. they're cute!:love:
  9. He is soooo delicious.
  10. :yes: *swoon*
  11. Nick is SOO HOT:drool: ... i hate Vanessa ... missing Jessica's days =(
  12. They look so cute together!
  13. I read somewhere that Vanessa's Bday is on the same day as Nick's, so I guess it's a double Bday celebration. That's pretty cool :P
  14. He is adorable...I may be in the minority here, but I don't care for them together.
  15. they are cute but i miss nick&jessy:sad: