Nick Lachey about Lindsay Lohan

  1. "One thing that is definite - Nick won't ever hook up with Lindsay Lohan.

    He said: 'I can safely say that I don't have any interest in Lindsay Lohan, nor do I understand anyone else who does.'"

  2. 2 weeks ago news...

    ehh, Nick's just trying to make the most of his time...he's gonna drop into oblivion soon

  3. Oh, I am sorry! I haven't realized he said that a while ago! Where have I been? Thanks for letting me know!
  4. haha sorry, i'm a total gossip column fiend..obviously a bit tooo obessed...
  5. lol Eh, I didnt know he said that either. Did someone ask him about Lindsay or did he just randomly say that the way Ice-T randomly hated on that girl from The Apprentice and The Surreal Life?
  6. Ouch!
  7. Hey Abandonedimages! I found it on It just said that he won't be hooking up with Lohan. I guess someone asked him since there is this whole drama with LiLo and Brandon & Paris. Maybe they asked him what he thought about it? But then I don't know when that drama started (maybe it was after Nick said that?)...I need to catch up!
  8. LiLo has commented that she'll hook up w/ him. . . hence his snarky but RIGHT ON comment!
  9. No, she said she wanted to hook up with him to piss Jessica off awhile ago...something of that
  10. hahahahah! YESSSSS! ;)
  11. Nick has too much class for LiLo. She is in that play games phase...she is too young and immature.
  12. Heck yes.
  13. Agree.
  14. I agree :yes:
  15. Lindsay and J.S./A.S. are not getting along.
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