1. This pic was posted today, i'm assuming its from the weekend..
    Isnt that Nicks hand she's holding
  2. I honestly don't know, but, I think I read in US magazine that he still loves her and dumped the TRL chick he was "dating". I think she was TRL...I can't remember, sorry!
  3. ithink i need to grab a gossip mag and see whats new in the world.. LOL
  4. Don't know if it's Nick or not. What I DO know is that I LOVE THE DRESS AND SHOES! She looks really cute.
  5. The picture is probably from last year... come on people!
  6. Don't do it Nick! :shocked: He is better off without her!
    I honestly cannot believe that somebody can be as dumb as Jessica Simpson and Nick must have had the patience of a saint to put up with her and her creepy dad. :yucky:
  7. that is Nick, but it's an old picture.
  8. Phew! :biggrin:
  9. that's a really old picture...she's so pretty though. i wish she still looked like that. bad orange hair, bad.
  10. yeah thats an old pic. she has shorter hair now.
  11. I agree those shoes are nice :biggrin:

  12. thank goodness.

  13. So, Nick and Vanessa (I think that is the TRL chick's name?) are dating???? She is pretty...
  14. Nope she's back with her Ex
  15. yea I was gonna say I know I read that Nick and the TRL girl broke up. I really wanted these 2 to work out too b/c when they first were up and coming stars, they got together, and then broke up and I always thought they made a cute couple. This was pre-simpsons vs. lohan, crazy dad and all that junx, back when she was NORAML! lol. My mom used to like her too b/c she was so much mroe of a better role model than Brit. Spears who was big at the time. Such a shame that she ditzed herself up. *shakes head* oh well lol