Nick Arrojo Studio

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  1. Has anyone gotten their hair done at the Nick Arrojo studio or by him and his team? Can you tell me your experience? Thanks :biggrin:
  2. I haven't gotten my hair done there but I've met him(hes a very nice guy) and I've seen his/his teams work. I honestly feel its WAY overrated. There are much better salons and stylists in the city.
  3. Hey there, I have to say that just yesterday I got my hair done but not my Nick or his team, I actually had it done at his amazing cosmetology school by one of the students. I have to say that it was such a pleasure and that everyone was so warm and welcoming. I had only stopped in to check out some products but decided "what the heck, Let me try getting haircut" and I'm here to tell you it was one of if not the best haircut I've ever had. I still cant believe it was from a student. Of corse, they have an educator watching what they do, giving helpful tips and hints and checking the final product. It's by far an awesome cost-effective option in these economic times, and i cant wait to go back soon. Maybe i'll get color this time!
  4. how come? what do you recommend?