Nick and Vanessa's hot tub sex pics...

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  1. Oh my!!! Life and Style apparently has the naked photos (censored)...but apparently the rest of the roll of film is SUPER racy!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW. Vanessa went from nice girl, to crazy in the matter of a month. What celeb in their right mind walks around NAKED and then procedes to have sex in an open area? Idiots....:push:
  2. Wheare are the picuters?
  3. errr...wasn't this on a vacation/in a hotel?

    what people do on their watch is THEIR business, imho.
  4. .......I'm like Purses...waiting for the pictures so I can come up with a opinion LOL
  5. LOL right on!
  6. Darn, the sick side of me really wanted to see the pics
  7. :roflmfao:
    Naughty Megs!:graucho:

    I agree what they do is their own business, but when they do it in public, expect it to be caught on film.:push:
  8. me

    I was like where are they....

  9. I'm with you megs. I mean we've seen it all...Pam&Tommy; Paris; Britney's Beaver...we should not be deprived...
  10. ^^ aarrgghh so agree with everyone!! Threads in the celebrity section are kinda blah without pictures!
  11. Who knows....they still may appear!
  12. :beach::whistle:
  13. THey were just skinny dipping...and ofcourse some camera caught it! They were just pics of 2 people in love hanging out enjoying each other. No big deal!
  14. one is posting pictures. that's it, I'm off to Google lol