Nick and Vanessa Have Rich Friends

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    Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo ran up a $4700 bill at Nello’s restuarant in New York City last night after gorging themselves on four orders of black truffles ($250 each), Cristal champagne ($1000), and a bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon ($750) but lucky for both these sort-stars their friend picked up the tab, leaving a $2000 tip.
    Real world cost of their drinks and truffle appetizers? $970. You can grab the standard bottle of Cristal from you local liquor store (even the bulletproof stores carry the Crissy) for usually for $250. Silver Oak will run you about $100 and you can order the truffles online for about $155 per serving.
  2. jeez. who's their friend?
  3. I don't even know who they are, but their menu sounds like it came straight from an article entitled: "How to show off in a restaurant if you have more money than sense" :roflmfao:
  4. i think that is silly to spend that much on food, even if u have the money there are better causes that would benefit imo.
  5. wow! they have some nice friends!! It's not like Nick and Vanessa haven't got the money to pay their own bill!

    ps. Love these 2 together!! they seem really happy!
  6. the question is would they have ordered that if they were paying the bill?

    I like Nick but he always came across a little cheap on newlyweds
  7. Nick looks hot hot hot!!
  8. Nick could have easily paid the bill with Jessica's money that he got from the divorce.
  9. Ditto that !
  10. I am so glad we haven't heard much of the two...well needed break.
  11. seriously and i don't even think nick or vanessa are that rich. :whistle:

    i know their friend paid but still...
  12. They gorged on truffles like the pigs they are.

  13. I know huh, what's up with Vanessa's outfit and hair?:confused1:
  14. ^ Yes, she looks like that character on "Ugly Betty", the old fashion editor... what's her name?
  15. Nick looks like he's in a hurry since we know he didn't pay or something.

    And really.. $4700.. on ONE meal.. that's just wow. If you YOURSELF have the money, sure, but other people's that's just lame..