Nick and Jessica are Over?

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  1. This is has been gossiped about for so long, who knows if it's true.

    According to ETONLINE.COM

    Nick & Jessica: Is It Over?

    October 5, 2005
    Is it really over for "Newlyweds" couple JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY? According to this Friday's issue of Us Weekly the popular twosome, who have been shooing away break up rumors for the past year, are no longer together. But Nick's representative tells ET that the reports are "not true."

    In a joint statment on behalf of Nick and Jessica his rep says: "Nick and Jessica have not separated. Rumors to the contrary are simply not true."

    The pair were last seen together publicly on September 11 when they sang a duet at an NFL football game. According to the magazine, rumors of a split started to swirl again when Jessica arrived solo (and without her wedding ring) to her sister ASHLEE's 21st birthday in Las Vegas last weekend and Lachey, who was scheduled to be there, was a no-show.

    Us Weekly sources also claim it was her ego, her partying and her dad that drove the couple, who will celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary on October 26, apart. Just days ago, while talking about her new body care collection "Sweet Kisses," available at Wal-Mart, Jessica spoke with ET's CHRISHAUNDA LEE, offering marriage advice.

    "I think you have to always remember, and he has to remember, that you do need a compromise, even though it's hard," she said.

    She admitted though, that sometimes strong personalities can get in the way of marital negotiations. "There's people with pride involved," she says. "You have to back down sometime -- just a little bit."

    For more on the Nick and Jessica split speculations, watch tonight's ET.
  2. I used to love her... but not so much anymore... Let's keep out ears out for more info!
  3. Yeah, I think it's understatement to say that she isn't the same person she was just a couple years ago. And I have to see her assless backside, and assface in a bikini one more time I'm gonna vomit. Implants aside, Paris Hilton has more curves than her and that's just sad.
  4. I used to really luv Jess, especially when NW started. But I kinda got tired of her. Especially when she's singing!
  5. I bet the rumour is true. Her dad "Creepy Pa Joe" probably had something to do with it.
  6. Interesting quote from an article from

    "There have also been grumblings that confirmation of the split has been delayed because Simpson reportedly has been paid to break the news only with OK! magazine."

    So if we see OK Magazine break the story in the next couple weeks, we'll have to assume this is true. Jessica does have a long-term deal with OK Magazine for exclusive stories, and is as exclusive as it gets.

    It's no surprise that someone with a reality show would sell their personal life to a magazine. I still think it's sick, though.
  7. I keep hearing mixed things about Nick and Jessica. Funny thing is the girl who he cheated with is actually from Columbus, OH-- which is where I am right now-- and is merely a undergrad student at OSU. She was on the radio yesterday morning, of course. Stupid girl. But I just am waiting for the "official" news.
  8. LOL That stripper chick right? :nuts:
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