Niche perfumes - any obsessions lately?

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  1. I found the sample of Rose Amazone, tried & agree, a beautiful fragrance. On me it is soft with Rose undertones (sometimes too much Rose overwhelms me.) To compare, I put Rose Ikeneba bought as part of the travel Hermessence I described a few prior posts ago. I do not smell much similarity. I think I prefer Rose Amazone. Let you know if I buy the fragrance. Not that I need another one!
    Mitsouko seems to be a strong favorite among people. I will have to try again. L'Heure Bleu is beautiful & I often think about buying another bottle. Had one a while ago. When it ran out, I never replaced it. I like Jicky. Do not know if you ever tried that Guerlain.
    I don't remember seeing Memo at NM. Sometimes Bergdorfs get things Neimans does not. Xerjoff sounds familiar but I never tried it
  2. My newest obsession is a Serge Lutens perfume too!! I recently got Chergui by Serge Lutens and it is absolutely amazing!
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  3. It's one of his most popular perfumes I think. Not my favourite though. I like Five o'clock gingembre (smells like ginger tea) and Feurreau Noire.

    I bought his Arabie without trying. That was a mistake. I liked the note of curry in the description. But I did not expect that much curry. Just don't want to confuse my Indian driver :smile:
  4. I like 5 o'clock gingembre as well. Haven't smelled Arabie but from the sound of it I might not like it either. Something about Chergui just wowed me. It really gave me fall vibes...which is my favorite season!!
  5. Serge Lutens's line has some amazing fragrances: Daim Blond, Chene, Santal Blanc and Fille en Aiguilles are some of my favourites.
  6. Xerjoff is a very prolific brand, I only tested a few fragrances (Irisss, Richwood, Ibitira, Modoc, Shingl, Kobe, Oesel, Shunkoin) and they are all very well made.
  7. I have their Bouquet Ideale, nice and spicy.
    We have their boutique so I tried many. But you know how it happens, after 3 they all seem the same. I like trying perfume on me, wait for the drydown. They did not have samples to take away so I just left with a few paper blotters and forgot what they were.
    But definitely good quality
  8. We recently had some fragrances in the office for a photoshoot (Phaedon, 27 87, Jacques Zolty). Of course everyone sprayed the testers and the team's favorite is 27 87's Wanderlust. Smells like fresh mint and a lot more.
  9. Has anyone tried the new Dior Privee fragrances?
  10. Me. Which one is interesting for you?
  11. Whatever you are ready to share :smile:
  12. I cannot help it, I love ambra

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  13. Olivine Atelier! Amongst the waves is a summer favorite
  14. I loved Russian Tea by Masque Milano. Now back to Party in Manhatten
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