Niche perfumes - any obsessions lately?

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  1. I love NEST fragrances! I love indigo....smells so warm and sweet yet very unique. They have a whole collection but that one is my person favorite!
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  2. I love Indigo as well and Bamboo but that one may be discontinued.
    Don't know if it's considered niche but I love Royal Apothic. I get mine from Anthropologie.
  3. Just discovered creed. Got Aventus for her. Love it. Hubby also loves aventus for him
  4. What counts as niche? I've been really really into Atelier Cologne lately. Their citrus scents got me through summer. I need a good fall scent though.
  5. I like them as well. Perhaps not enough to buy a full bottle but some of them were really nice
    My new obsession is FMK's Grand Soire. A must for tonka and ambre lovers like me. Many say that it is good for winter. Well, I live in the Gulf where the season is determined by the temperature you set on your AC, so I wear it whenever I want :smile:
  6. And what is your personal Worst Ever Perfumes List?
  7. Have you tried "C" from Clive Christian? I like it just not sure if it is worth the price. I don't know if it wears well & how long.
    I like Creed fragrances that are around the same amount. I keep thinking about some Bond no 9. Maybe MFK. Do you have any thoughts about these lines?
  8. I adore C and own a bottle and it is one of my favorite fragrances! I do believe X and C (for women, not familiar with the men's version) are worth the price. I own No 1 too and while I love it will probably not repurchase when I am done..... X and C however I will. It wears very well and has great longevity and is absolutely beautiful one.

    Creed.... I own one fragrance that I like (Love In Black) but their fragrances aren't blended as well and as interesting as the ones from Clive Christian and other niche lines (Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Amouage etc) for me to think they are really worth it. Same with Bond No 9 (and I'm in NYC so am very familiar with them)... to me a lot of Creeds and Bonds are very generic and don't wear that well.... just kind of overpriced for what they are. I will happily spend the same amount or more on Amouage though. MFK I've been very impressed with as well! They have a few less interesting ones but Absolue Pour le Soir and Oud Silk Mood/Oud Satin Mood are fantastic. Baccarat Rouge 540 was nice as well.
  9. I went through a Creed phase & own several older ones. I bought Royal Princess Oud last December. I have not worn it recently. I should try Amouage. The line rep from MFK at NM gave me a sample of Oud Satin Mood. I thought it was very nice.
    I own some Serge Lutens & Musc Ravageur from Frederic Malle. To me, they are wonderful niche lines. Have you tried any from L'Artisan Parfumeur? I became interested in those fragrances when they were originally Jean LaPorte. They were unique.
    NM should be having a scent event (I hope soon!)
    Then I will buy something. Always a good excuse to try a new fragrance!
  10. How is Royal Princess Oud? I actually really like one of the Creed SA's at Bergdorfs but never buy because most of their scents are kind of.... thin? for me. I do love Love In Black though and will repurchase that when I run out. I love Musc Ravageur. Have you tried any of their other scents? My favorite is probably Portrait of a Lady. Noir Epices is beautiful and very underrated too.... I've had good experiences with most of that line at least.
    I actually haven't tried any L'Artisan Parfumeur! They sell that at Barneys, right? I've heard pretty great things. Lately all of my fragrance buys have been Hermes because I am at that boutique pretty often, but was thinking of heading to Bergdorfs and Barneys soon to test some new ones out.
    I highly recommend Amouage (they are my favorite niche line!). Have you tried By Kilian or House of Sillage? How about Memo?
    A scent event sounds pretty fun! I wonder if Bergdorfs is having one at the same time since they are the same company as NM....?
  11. I have tried and own a few Amouages because a perfumaniac friend of mine lives in Oman and is their favourite client. They arranged a factory visit for her etc. Honestly, I am not using them because it's like but not love. And one of them... I was walking around the house and thinking why the maid needed to use so much furniture polish. Until I realised that the awful smell was coming from me. It was Amouage Opus III or IV.

    I like Frapin 1697 - it reminds me of prunes soaking in cognac in a wooden barrel
    The Party in Manhattan - love at first sight. It is citrus and spicy and woody at the same time. Playful and very sexy in one bottle.
    Roja Dove - definitely worth trying. If you are prepared to pay as much as you are paying for CC, then try his Diaghilev. To me, it is more interesting and exclusive than CC.

    As for oud, I just can't. I leave in the Gulf, everything around smells of oud. They spray and burn oud in shops.
  12. I like Royal Princess Oud. It is a heavier scent than Creed's recent releases. I agree with you, many of their newer fragrances seem a little thin. To me, some of the line's older fragrances seem dated. The ones I currently wear in addition to Royal Princess are Acqua Fiorentina (ok occasionally), Sublime Vanilla & Jardin Amalfi.
    Other than Musc Ravageur, I tried, but do not own several Frederic Malle fragrances. I should go back or ask the line Rep for samples. I'll try Portrait of a Lady. I might have a sample at home. I remember liking Dries Van Noten.
    L'Artisan Parfumeur is sold at Barneys. There are some nice fragrances and the line seems pretty diverse. Byrredo is also sold at Barneys. I don't own any. There are some that interest me.
    I have a few Killian fragrances. The Amber Oud, Don't be Shy (can't wear to much or too long), and one other that smells like a fragrance I own & love from L'Artisan (I'll look for the bottles & let you know the names)
    I do not know a thing about House of Sillage or Memo. Do you like them?
    I own Hermes fragrances also. I started to wear them as I started buying the bags & scarves. Seemed like a natural accompaniment! Which one do you like?
    NM usually has scent events twice a year. One may be coming up soon. I know both NM & BG had triple points together. It ended yesterday. Both stores, as well as Barneys & Saks have beauty events. Bags are given with a minimum purchase. Some lines have their additional gwp. Maybe you already know that.
    I accumulated fragrances over years & store in my closet when I do not use. I read it is the best way to protect them.
    Fragrance is personal. That's why I guess there are so many.
  13. I will have to check them out next time I am at Barneys. I've been meaning to go to get a new fragrance pretty soon. I love Intoxicated by Kilian. I own another but I really have to be in the mood for it.

    House of Sillage was.... okay. I love their bottles, the scents are just average. They had one I liked but I didn't get to skin test it.
    Memo has a couple of good ones. I like Manoa a lot; you might as well if you like Musc Ravageur. Shalimar is one of my all time favorites and it has a similar vibe (though not the same at all). Siwa is interesting but light.

    For Hermes, 24 Faubourg is one of my all time favorites. I also love Rouge, Rose Amazone (my newest love), Caleche, and a couple of others.
  14. The scents I wanted to name are

    L'Artisan Seville A L'Aube
    (A nice story behind the creation of the fragrance)

    Killian Sweet Redemption
    I don't know Intoxicated. I'll look for it.

    I own Hermes 24 Faubourg. It's a nice classic. There are a lot of Hermes Fragrances I like.
    Hermes SA may have given me a sample of Rose Amazone. If I find it, I'm going to try
    I like all of the Merveilles. This summer I bought rhubarbe ecarlate. It's nice.
    I also bought travel sizes of Hermessence that I should wear

    Where can I find Memo?
    I have an old bottle of Shalimar. Have you tried Terrecotta or Apres L'Ondee? I wore those a lot this past spring & summer
  15. Rose Amazone is beautiful. I don't usually go for ones that are so fruity, but it's very sophisticated. Definitely, definitely would recommend trying it. Beautiful rose too.
    I haven't tried Terrecotta, but Apres l'Ondee is lovely. I also love Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue.

    They sell Memo at Bergdorfs so I imagine they'd have it in NM too. Some Xerjoff fragrances are there too.