Niche perfumes - any obsessions lately?

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  1. Thank you! Ambre Sultan was the very first perfume I tried from Serge Lutens and it had too much bay leaf in it for me.
    I like the florals from Serge Lutens and own quite a few of them.
  2. Yeah, I don't remember what it was with Ambre Sultan--it's been a long time since I tried it--but the spices weren't quite right for me. I've never tried any of the Serge Lutens florals. I'm not sure where I'd start other than La Fille de Berlin. I would also like to try Santal Majuscule.
  3. Santal Majuscule is on my 'to sample' list as well. I have Fleurs de Citronnier which is a lime blossom fragrance I wear only on extremely hot days mostly because of the musk in the base, which reminds me of freshly laundered linen. I know that may not sound great and some people complain about it, but I actually like it a lot in the summer.
    La Fille de Berlin has a huge fan following and it's like a bunch of dark red roses, slightly jammy and deep, but I also like Sa Majeste la Rose which is an authentic rose perfume; reminds me of dewy pink roses with green leaves. It does get a bit cloying if oversprayed because of the honey note in it but applied with a light hand, it is a simply perfect rose.

    A la Nuit is authentic jasmine but it gave me a headache from the sample. But lots of people love it. Fleurs d'Oranger is a very well made orange blossom perfume. It is definitely not light and airy and has cumin in it which elicits mixed feelings. I like it a lot but I have to be in the mood for it to wear it. Nevertheless, I would not part with this one.

    Bas de Soie is a hyacinth and iris perfume, well-made but it is quite light compared to the other fragrances and did not last long on me. It is compared a lot of Chanel No. 19 but to me they are not that similar.
    Un Lys, which I am wearing today is a lovely lily. It is actually quite a simple perfume but absolutely blooms on the skin and smells great. Unfortunately, it is available only in a bell jar. I am going to finish my sample but I have a feeling I will be adding it to my collection at some point. :lol:

    My apologies for such a long post! I tend to get a bit carried away when talking about fragrances. :biggrin:
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  4. Eric Buterbaugh Kingston Osmanthus - a lovely fruity florsl.
  5. Note di Profumum Meraviglia


    I was shown the Note di Profumum line at one of the Profumum Roma boutiques in Rome. I liked some of them, but I wasn't taking them too seriously because they are only sold in 100ml bottles, and that size is very large for me given the size of my collection. However, after smelling Meraviglia on paper, I was curious about it because it seemed similar to Portrait of a Lady. I decided to try it on, and I was sold after a few hours because it is awesome. It is, indeed, very similar to Portrait of a Lady, except on my skin, the drydown is much better. Longevity and sillage are stellar, as well, just like with Portrait of a Lady. And it has a much better price point.

    Given that the Note di Profumum perfumes are very, very hard to find outside of Rome, and they are priced lower in Rome than at the handful of boutiques where they can be found outside of Rome (none of which are in the US), I decided I had to get it--along with two other perfumes from the Profumum Roma store.
  6. No obsessions lately, per se, I’ve loved this company for years. Also, I don’t know if this qualifies for a niche brand, but I’m in love with Les Parfums de Rosine perfumes.
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  7. I like the way you think!
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  8. A few days ago I finally caved and bought a 100mL bottle of Le Labo's AnOther 13 after many months of wanting it. I honestly think this is the best fragrance I've ever encounted. I've even been tempted to sell off my other fragrances and just use this one. But time will tell...
  9. My favorite right now is Byredo Velvet Haze. :heart:

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  10. My latest are Sandal Noire Dior and Lady Carthusia
    I think my next is going to be Rock Crystal by Olivier Durbano

    Top notes: orange flower, pepper, coriander, cardamom, cumin
    Middle notes: frankincense, olibanum, benzoin, myrrh, cistus
    Base notes: sandalwood, cedar and vetiver, everlasting flower, oakmoss, musk

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  11. If you had to choose only 3 perfumes, what would you choose?

    Mine would be Epic Amouage, Five o’Clock Gingembre Serge Lutens and vintage Cabochard. And I would smuggle Ambre Nuit Dior :smile:
  12. Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady
    JAR Diamond Water
    JAR Lightning Bolt & the rest of the JAR fragrances which is oops more than 3
  13. No worries, I have connections, they will help us smuggle 3+
    Interesting, I heard so much about JAR and never had a chance to try them. My husband just returned from New York - why did I not ask him?!
  14. JAR is very unique.. The notes are not disclosed & the presentation of the fragrances is most distinctive.
    Sorry that you did not ask your husband to have a look see as the experience is noteworthy..
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  15. I recently read a long article in Wall Street Journal's Fall Fashion magazine, in which Hedi Slimane talks to Chandler Burr about the new Haute Parfumerie fragrances that are going to be launched by Celine. There will be 11 perfumes, with nine to be released in the fall, and two coming in 2020.

    They don't talk about the notes in these fragrances, but discuss the vision/concept behind most of these perfumes. If I can find the article online, I will post a link.
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