Niche perfumes - any obsessions lately?

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  1. I am into niche perfumes. But other than Dior's recent Feve Delicieuse and Poivre by Le Labo, haven't bought anything new recently.
    Any interesting purchases/finds/news in that market?
  2. I love niche perfumery too- it'll be interesting to see how long Le Labo can be considered niche now that they've been purchased by Estee Lauder (who of course also bought Frederic Malle Perfumes recently.)

    Anyway, my last big niche love was Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer's Rose Flash, for his Tauerville line. A big, sweet plummy rose bouquet, that lasts for hours! I've also been digging into Nobile 1942's line, starting with Patchouli Nobile, and have been loving it. It's a very dry, suave patchouli- it smells refined on a woman, and would smell gentlemanly on a man. Really good!
  3. I did not know about Le Labo. Do you think that purchase may change anything? I hope not. Their New York and London are among my favourites.

    I've been lusting over Diaghilev over several years. And still cannot decide if I love it enough to pay the £450 for a bottle.
  4. I am in LOVE with Maison Francis Kurkdjian A la Rose, its a really fresh sparking rose scent that doesn't smell like a grandma perfume at all. Almost all their perfumes are really nice and I love knowing that its unlikely other people around me are wearing it too.
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  5. I agree, unlike the mass market perfumes, if you are wearing Kurkdjian that pretty much guarantees that your smell is going to be unique.
    I love their Lumiere Noire, it's also rose. Very strong and long lasting.

    My last month's obsession was The Party in Manhattan by The Party. Hard to find and hard to forget
  6. I recently was made aware of a brand named Les Liquides Imaginaires. They have the most interesting names and the guy behind the perfume releases new fragrances in trios under a common theme.

    As far as I know, the perfumes are only available at Barneys! I've been meaning to go check them out and take a whiff when I have the time.
  7. I think that the Le Labo buyout may result in the scents being available at a wider range of price points, which is good. However, it might also result in reformulations in the interest of cutting production costs, which is not so good. I know their purchase of Frederic Malle has already affected the quality of some of their greats, like Roudnitska's Parfum de Therese, and not for the better.

    Lauder also bought out By Kilian recently, so they are really getting aggressive in expanding their portfolio of the more mainstream niche lines. Is Byredo next? And I wonder if this has anything to do with their relatively new foray into the niche "luxury" market with the Aerin Lauder fragrances?
  8. My last niche fragrance purchase was Ann Gerard's Perle de Mousse. I bought it in anticipation of late spring/early summer. Regarding new releases, I am curious about Diptyque's new orange blossom fragrance. I hope to test it soon.
  9. Love Nobile 1942. I have Pontevecchio W and Casta Diva and the DH have Estroverso :love: this on DH. I also had a tester of Colonia Maxima and Lavanda and loving them too. I would love to testdrive La Danza Delle Libellule (the italian name lol but lovely translation) which get good reviews. The problem is, I'll never order perfumes online so I'll have to wait when I see this IRL.

    I also read that Lauder group had a talk with Sisley a couple of years ago wanting to buy the company and the latter refused.


    I'm loving Mona di Orio Nuit Noire right now and since spring is coming, Diana Vreeland Simply Divine is coming back out of hiding.

  10. I would be shocked if Sisley would sell that family business. Even though
    Hubert did pass last year, the children who are now grown & are so involved
    in this extraordinary skin care line. If Sisley did sell out to Lauder, I'd
    be the first one looking for new skin care products because I doubt that
    the quality would be the same once Lauder got their hands on it. I shudder at
    the thought
  11. I've been obsessing over Byredo's Gypsy Water and Aftelier's Bergamoss in EDP spray. I also got a large sample of Thirdman's Monumentale. It may be a winner for this summer.
  12. I tried byredo so many times and really wanted to like it. Well, we just have to admit, some smells are just not good for you :smile:
    My absolute no no's are also Bois Vanilla by Luten (which is a shame because I love most of his creations - I had to give it away because a strong coconut and vanilla smell to me like a cheap car freshener), Cuir Beluga by Guerlain (again, too sweet sticky), Prada Amber and modern Opium (love and own vintage versions but the modern version is soooo full of chemicals and so different from the original - I am using it as a toilet freshener)

    What are your olfactory nono's?
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  13. I love Byredo Rose of no man's land and keep wanting to buy it, but I hardly ever get to wear perfume. When I do, I wear Byredo Inflorescence.
  14. He said that they won't sell. Well, I've read about it 4/5 yrs. ago? I have nothing against the Lauder group. I still wear EL PC Tuberose Gardenia and I love it. My first perfumes were from EL and it will bring me back the good memories when I see the perfumes I used. I still have a bottle of Pleasures, although I don't wear anymore but would have a sniff of two when I see the bottle lol
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  15. I used to love the old Pleasures. But with the reformulations, everything has changed...