Nicest thing

  1. What is the nicest thing someone has done for YOU lately???
    This morning my husband took me to see my dad...(cemetery) okay thats sad...but I have to do it every I miss him so, SO we visit his place every Sunday.
    THEN we went out for a sunrise boat was amazing...
    What about you...anything/or one make your heart sing lately?:love:
  2. My children always draw me pictures and that brightens my day no matter what. I have a dear girlfriend who is always sending over a special meal---she or her mom will make something they think we will like and they know my daughter loves their cooking so they always make more. I try to do the same for her which is cool because it saves you from cooking a meal. My husband lets me decorate,paint and do anything to the house. No questions asked.....he even will move furniture for me when I know this is not on the top of his list of things to do. He just moved 3 Ikea wall units upstairs for me last week so I can finish decorating my daughter's room. It's the little sweet things that get to me. He has also taken me to the cemetary to clean up mom's grave, he brought his garden tools and took me to buy new plants and the kids always put a little toy there for Mom, it's sad too but does offer some comfort.
    One of the nicest things ever is my friend's mother and her best friend has showered my children with love and said that they will be my kids other children miss my mom, especially my daughter so it is nice that they get all these hugs and know they are loved in a way a grandmother would do to you.
  3. LOVE that story...thank you for sharing...ANYONE else?? Surely its not just me and Gilliana???
  4. This isn't the nicest thing anybody's ever done for me, but it's the nicest thing recently!

    My friends (including my ex) all went to a concert last night, and after a while my feet and back started to hurt from my shoes. My ex and I have been flirty in the past few weeks anyway, so we were very close during the concert. We went back to his car and he put down the passenger side seat all thew ay down and gave me a back massage and a foot rub!
  5. My husband woke me up this morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee but he's sweet enough to do that pretty often :love:
  6. NICE!!!! (damn shoes...see, the pain IS worth it!!!)
  7. Oh it was wonderful!! I didn't want it to end, haha
  8. I got a little nervous when I read...he put the seat all the way down...LOL:roflmfao:
  9. my husband was leaving for his clinical just as i got home from work yesterday (literally in the car, halfway down the street, driving away...i got his parking spot). instead of just waving like he does sometimes when he's running late, he pulled over, got out of the car and gave me a huge hug. it made my day better. :love: