Nicest thing strangers do for you on a regular basis

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  1. I travel overseas alot for work and live in London, getting to and from the airport is such hard work because the public transport system is so old fashioned I have to lug my suitcase up many flights of stairs to get it to the platform, also there are miles of tunnels to change platform.

    So many times really sweet guys help with my suitcase, its so kind as it takes me about 2 hours to get to the airport and I'm already dog tired before I even check in!
  2. lol. i work retail. no one does anything nice for me.

    kidding :smile:

    but i live in the South, where chivalry is still alive and well (if only we could get these yankees to go back where they came from), and often i'll get on a very crowded bus on my way to class (our campus has a large bus transit system) or on my way back from a football game and a very nice guy on the bus will offer me his seat. yep, still happens fairly often here :smile:. it's a beautiful thing.
  3. I know what you mean, Amanda! I don't think anything peeves me more on a regular basis than when I see grown men pretend they don't see the child or the pregnant woman or the senior citizen standing in front of them, gripping onto the poles for dear life on the subway or bus. They park their behinds and nothing gets them up, not even common courtesy or basic human decency. It just makes my blood boil. Thank goodness I don't take the subway anymore!

    The kindest thing a stranger does for me on a regular basis? I'm not a morning person, so when I drag my tushie out of bed to go into work, I'm a mess. No makeup, big sunglasses, confused/slightly belligerent expression on my face, wielding my venti latte. This older, sweet security guard that I pass on most days on my way into my building always stops me and tells me how beautiful or chic I look. He probably tells everyone passing thru the same sorts of things, but it just makes my day so much better, and I look forward to it every morning!
  4. When people hold the door open when they are in front of you. To me that's just common courtesy. And people don't, that irks me.
  5. It bugs me when people don't hold the door open for you or when people don't try to keep the elevator door open for you. It makes me SO mad when people just stand there in the elevator staring dumbly at you like they don't have the arms to reach up and press the Door Open button. Geez!
  6. I also live in the South and people are very courteous. In elevators, the men let the women get off first. Doors are always being opened. It is very nice.
  7. People always open doors for me. I like it. It makes me feel like a lady. LOL.
  8. Guys always open doors for me, which is very nice. And they always let me go in first, instead of just holding the door open behind them. One time, this guy with crutches opened at door for was really sweet!
  9. ^Agreed. I like when guys hold the door open AND let you in first.

    If I am the first one to the door and I know there are people behind me, I either let them in first or hold the door for them as they come in. :yes: I hate when people are in front of me and let the door close on me, so I always make it a point to hold the door for people that are coming in behind me as well.
  10. Definitely people holding the doors for you, or vice versa! My mom always bugged me and my brother on having good manners, and I'm thankful now. I also like it when people help you pick up your stuff (I'm a total butterfingers!).
  11. I think it is nice when people smile when they pass you on the street. When I am out walking the dog in the morning I say good morning to everyone I pass. Some smile, some answer and some ignore me. It is fine whatever they do. I just think it improves the day to meet friendly people.
  12. Men often hold doors and let the ladies in and out of the elevator first. Sometimes I meet a super nice guy who will help me with my rolling bag with all my heavy equipment inside for work. I worked with a super sweet guy in FL who always insisted on rolling it back to my car and putting it in the trunk for me.
  13. ITA. I always smile and greet everyone I pass when I'm out running. The different responses are amazing. But someone can make my day in the way they smile at me or greet me, and I hope that I make someone else's day too sometimes by doing the same.
  14. Oh yeah! I love the door opening thing. I've gotten so used to it I'm actually offended when they don't. :p

    Oh but of course, I Always hold doors for other people when they're behind me.
  15. I agree, I think it's really nice when strangers smile when they walk past you or they say good morning or something. People who let you change lanes in front of them are nice. The drivers in LA are aggressive!!