Nicest/most upscale hotel in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area?

  1. I would love to hear your recommendations! Thanks!:yes:
  2. I stayed at the W los angeles hotel in westwood. Gorgeous hotel, pricey though.

    there are alot of nice places located on wilshire blvd in downtown LA and westwood....right near beverly hills.

    how I long to move back south.
  3. Penisula is nice!!!
  4. Whenever we go to Universal Studios, we stay at the Hilton Universal City. It's close to the park, and then in the daytime we drive to BH etc.
    I love being on about the 22nd floor (executive level) or above with a park view's probably not the most upscale hotel ever, but I really like it. I think we've stayed there at least 5 times.
  5. The Beverly Hills Hotel! It is really pretty! When we stayed with my mom for fun, we saw a lot of celebrities! loL!
  6. Second the peninsula. If you don't mind like $500 a night or more. I hear raffles is also excellent.
  7. I like the Beverly Hills Hilton, and the W.. The Standard is pretty nice, but it's more of a scene to be seen.. i also think the Luxe on Rodeo Drive is pretty nice too. oh and yes, i 3rd the Peninsula. simply superb!!
  8. Another vote for the Penisula and W.
  9. What about the Four Seasons?

    BTW, I am asking bc I think my fiancee and I are going there for part of our honeymoon, so price isn't a huge concern :smile:
  10. What are you planning to do while you are here? You want to be near the shopping area, or beaches???
  11. My choice would be the Chateau Marmont...
  12. Agree!
  13. Firstly congrats on the upcoming wedding! The Four Seasons is brilliant, location as well as service is superb.
  14. Yes, the Chateau is excellent!! I would also recommend the Raffles or W hotel.
  15. We always stay at the Fairmont Miramar. It's in Santa Monica, 5 min. walk from the 3rd Street Promenade. I love it there... my fave hotel.