Nicest Bi-Color Birkin/Kelly?

I liked a birkin that was on ebay with indigo outside and blue jean inside. It also had blue jean piping, which I don't like so much. I also saw a picture of a black chevre birkin with a raisin interior. GORGEOUS!!! :love:
^^^the HI boutique has been getting quite a few of the dark brown/orange combo from what I've been hearing. I like it too! :biggrin: Too bad the last one I saw was that 40cm I was telling you about.
english_girl_900 said:
mightykismet has one on ebay right now that's dark forest green with vert anis piping and interior - its fairly fabulous. But my absolute fav. bi-colour is the black/orange croc. :love:

I saw a 32cm Kelly in the dark forest green with vert anis piping (same as the one mentioned above) at the Hermes store today. I am not a fan of green but this was fabulous. I almost caved in until my hubby snapped me out of it! :lol: