Nice white bag in the $200.00 range?

  1. I'm considering using some of my birthday money (birthday tomorrow :yahoo: woo-hoo!) to buy a new bag :nuts: . My bags are all black and brown - so I'm going for all white - I'm thinking I *may* want leather. Something small - shoulder bag... suggestions? Only real requirements are that it must be *white* and in the *$200.00 or less* price range.

  2. No one wants to help me? :sad:
  3. Are there any small Coach bags that you're interested in?
  4. $200 is a lot to work with if you want to go small. So don't fret!

    so just playing on Zappos i found a few that i liked:

    Kenneth Cole $98.95

    The Sak Handbag Classic leather small hobo $63

    Charles David $125 and is 20% off (this one is my fav)
  5. ooh, Kenneth Cole and Charles David, very nice indeed.
  6. happy birthday! :smile: id love to see suggestions too cause i dont do white cause im scared to get it dirty but i love to looK @ them

    i have a charles david bag and the leather and lining are so nice!
  7. Seriously, are you anywhere near a TJMaxx or Marshalls? At least the store near me has a ton of white bags, some very cheap 9 Wests and Estrada-type bags, but there were a few Francesco Biasia's and Cole Haan bags and Kenneth Cole bags for $129 - $149, that originally were almost double that price. I think I would do that, only because white is so seasonal and you can only wear it a few months out of the year.
  8. passerby.....I like that Tano!!
  9. There are a couple of cute Francesco Biasia bags on The Purse Store's website for ~$300, and somebody in the deals and steals section just posted a 25% off coupon. These are a little ivory though...
    A76500_Ivory_300.jpg A76502_Ivory_300.jpg
  10. Ok, I found another one on the Purse Store's website, Flavio Olivera, 65% off for $166.25, and this one is white.
  11. You ladies are fantastic with the good looking, inexpensive bags that you are finding. I'm so impressed!!!!
  12. Excellent choice! Not that I own one, sadly
  13. Yea, there are way too many bags that we all want :p
  14. Thanks for posting!! I want a white bag, but wanted something for a bit lower price, in case I absolutely cannot keep it clean!! :push:

    I love that Kenneth Cole one that batgirl posted - and for $100?? That's awesome!!! Going to check that one out....