Nice weather??

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  1. We've been enjoying some really nice weather in DC the last few days. Mid 70's to 80' March! I think things will cool down tomorrow. I have to admit, it feels kind of strange wearing flip-flops/sandals in March!

    Anyone else enjoying unseasonably nice weather?
  2. I'm in DC too. Enjoy the weather today. Tomorrow we're back to winter!
  3. I know. It's supposed to be back to the 30's by Saturday. Then again, anything is better fro the Michigan weather I left when I moved down here!
  4. It's been so hot here in Florida the past few days, I'm hating it! :suspiciou It's hot enough here from April through November, no need for it to start early. I went running yesterday and felt like I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion :lol: The good thing is I was able to wash my car on Saturday, it's shiny white again. It was practically grey, it was so dirty :shame:
  5. Im liking our weather in in So. Cal. It rained last night just for a little while, but its really sunny and about 65 degrees right. The air is super crisp and clean.
  6. Yup, definitely enjoying the weather in DC area today. Mid 80s, i believe.
  7. Supposedly, yesterday was the last nice day before things cool off here in Oklahoma. We'll see.
  8. Yesterday was 85 degrees here in Memphis, it was awesome!! I'm used to cold ass Canadian its like vacation time for me!
  9. I'm in Northport, New York on Long Island, and it's a gorgeous 61 degrees right now. A stark comparison to the bitter 20 degree weather we had been having.
  10. The high is 85 and I'm stoked about it, its summer again!
    I'm going to the beach this week.
  11. Ok- Im in NJ and I am laying out today!!!!!!!!!!Suntan I come!

  12. BAH! In Northern California it's been dreary and rainy and icky. Shucks.
  13. Suli, has the cherries blossomed yet?? I'm coming over in 20 days and I hope the damn Cherries will wait for me!
  14. its starting to cool down over here! Winter is SO on its way! But im still wearing flip flops! hehehe
  15. the weather in NYC is really hot!! its really humid =(

    Im wearing flip flops,tee,and denim skirt =)